Established in 1981 under the visionary leadership of Director Composer Maestro Edig Hovsepian, our choir comprises over 100 passionate singers. For over 35 years, we've graced stages across North America, sharing the soulful melodies of Armenian traditional religious hymns, folk music, and songs.

Under the expert guidance of our current Choir Master, Mrs. Hripsime Tovmasian, we continue to uphold our mission as a registered non-profit organization. Based at the Toronto Armenian Community Centre, our choir serves as a hub for cultural preservation, education, and performance.

Our membership spans generations, with adults and youth alike coming together to learn, rehearse, and perform the diverse repertoire of Armenian music. From classic anthems to modern interpretations, our performances reflect the depth and beauty of Armenian musical traditions.

In addition to our annual performances in Toronto, which draw audiences from far and wide, we actively participate in events organized by other cultural organizations, fostering connections and collaboration within the community.

Through bi-weekly training and rehearsal sessions, we hone our skills and prepare for upcoming performances. Stay tune for dates!

As we look ahead, we aspire to expand our reach beyond Toronto, with plans for visits to other cities, contingent upon securing necessary funding. Through these endeavors, we strive to not only preserve the legacy of Armenian music but also to enrich the cultural tapestry of communities far and wide.

Join us in our journey as we continue to celebrate the timeless beauty and cultural richness of Armenian music, uniting hearts and bridging generations through the universal language of song. Together, we can ensure that the spirit of Armenian music thrives for generations to come.


The Armenian Heritage Adult Choir of Toronto envisions a world where the timeless beauty and cultural richness of Armenian music unite hearts, bridge generations, and inspire harmony and understanding across communities.


The mission of the Armenian Heritage Adult Choir of Toronto is to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich tradition of Armenian music and folk songs. As a registered charity based in the Armenian Community Centre (ACC) of Toronto, we provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for adults and youth to come together and explore the depth and diversity of Armenian musical heritage. Through our rehearsals, performances, and educational programs, we strive to cultivate a deep appreciation for Armenian music, nurture artistic excellence, and foster a sense of belonging and cultural pride within our choir family and the broader community. By embracing tradition while embracing innovation, we aim to ensure that the soul-stirring melodies of Armenia continue to resonate for generations to come.


Interested in getting involved or learning more? Drop us a line at ahact@armenian.ca.

Let's create something beautiful together.